Doesn’t it feel like our kids grow up too fast?

From the moment we bring our little ones home, they’re changing. Newborns outgrow their onesies almost overnight. Toddlers move from crawling to walking in a day. And it feels like there’s such a short, sweet time where the pitter-patter of little feet and happy laughter fills the house.

All too soon, our children step into their independence and leave the nest. As a mom and grandmother to three little girls, I know exactly how it is...

If raising a family teaches us anything, it’s that time waits for no one...

And while we all do our best to take photos on our phones as we rush through busy schedules and raise our families, it somehow doesn’t seem enough.

We may even be a little sad that we are not in any of the photos.   And it’s rare that we snap something special enough to frame.

Which is why family heirloom photography is my absolute passion - because it’s the closest thing to capturing time in a bottle.

About Your Photographer, Dana

I’ve always loved keeping family memories through photography. 

In fact, my stairwell walls (and every other space I can find), are lined with family photos and tributes to my beloved pets—they’re the “jewelry" of my home.

I’m inspired by nature, Rembrandt, and romantic and classical poetry. I love emotional and imaginative art, the capacity for wonder, the freshness and innocence of childhood, and the beauty of womanhood and families. I guess you could call me a sentimentalist.

And I've been lucky enough to have been mentored by some of the top photographers in the world, and have won awards that I am very proud of.

But it wasn’t until I was first diagnosed with cancer that the importance of legacy hit me.

What was I going to leave behind? 

I remember thinking during my first chemo session, “God, I’ll go through this because I want to see my daughter graduate high school. I want to see her get married. I want to know my grandchildren.” 

Thankfully, I came through treatment. And within four short years, my daughter met and married the love of her life and has since had three beautiful daughters (who are now my muses).

I’ve since decided that I no longer wanted to live life as if it was a dress rehearsal.

I regularly preserve beautiful images of my family, knowing that time is precious. 

And I’m passionate about helping clients preserve their own memories as well. 

Each photo is a keepsake you can revisit as often as you want — a timeless celebration of your life, love, and family.

It would be an honor to capture your memories.

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